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The business now has 286 clients (204 family groups) receiving ongoing financial advice.

Our clients are mainly based in Yorkshire but we have clients in from the very north of Scotland to Devon in the south and Wrexham in Wales. With technology distance is really no object.


Providing financial advice is a very satisfying job. The ability of the financial services industry to communicate simply with clients has a very long way to go. 


From no clients on day 1, the client base has built up to a level which now supports 4 staff. 

Our clients range from age 10 to age 92. The advice requirements vary with lifestage and we provide individual advice tailored to client circumstances. In the main, the advice provided is around retirement planning, both approaching retirement and into retirement, as well as more specific advice around pensions, investments, inheritance tax and care fees planning. 


It is very important to provide good service and the video below provides feedback from some of our clients.

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